Smiling Storm

I will lead you to madness
And back again
Rising like the storm at night
To destruction’s head but not beyond
Unpredictable while.

Then becalm, beguile
Till silence is the only sound
Till you strain to seek my storm, its pound
Till the refrain, its calls abound
Insanity that you have known
With me time and time again
Will haunt you alone
As you seek the breeze I blew
On the way to the home you knew
To know me is to miss me
To know and not care next
To follow the river that only we can see
Along the river’s breast

A caress unbeknownst the wind carried
Breathless in intent
Casting foolish spells it blew
Wisdom’s creed aside
Rising spinning untrammeled
A smiling storm inside.

And back again
To calm waters
Your boat I will lead
To rest awhile on sunny shores
Before again the call you heed.


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