To not to Cry

Where do you go to
when you want to cry
Do you look for a shoulder
Or do you quietly sigh

Is there a place that you know
Where there is sunshine mellow?
Is there a place that always glows
Where everything softens, slows?

Or do you stiffen the lip
And tighten the sinews
While within you
Suppressed turmoil brews

Carry on as usual, keep up the show
Making sure nobody can know
Of the sickening in the stomach pit
This is being tough, this is grit!

All the while the insides are molten
The world passing by a little slow
Leaking sadness inadvertently
Even so, it seems to grow

Comfort there is none without
Cravings you have sought
Sinking seamlessly in solitary seas
Rising tides take us across

It must pass, it has to go
Rationalising as we sow
The seeds of a better tomorrow
Moving on from quotidian sorrow

Lift the bulk
Scrape off the hulk
Baggage we will have none
Flick the switch
Wake up the bi*&$%
With messy emotions we are done.


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