Miss You

I miss you so
When you’ve barely gone
Echoing void
Where so much went on

I miss the shared smile
Across the workroom casual
Meaningless, mindless
Banter endless
In codes
That have no manual

I miss you when I see
Your picture on my screen
Slipping slowly down the ladder
As superfluous conversations gather
(Honest: Most of all I miss you
When I need to vent some spleen)

I miss you when you are not there
Even though you are never far
No-one else can ever compare
You know, you’ve raised the bar
With witty pinprick you do bare
When pompous gasbags jar

I miss the backchannel burble
Muttering Minutiea mumble
Breaking into combative camaraderie
Gentle compact turning incendiary
Your troubled look, stoic surprise
Sharing laughter as we reprise

I miss you more when you are here
Bringing strange worlds into my air
I hear you speak to strangers astride
Your technology driven long distance ride
Nascent jealousy doth come and singe
Nudging, seeking an attention binge

This is not me, I’m not like that
Wherefrom was this hunger begat
Wasted emotions, must be some voodoo
Shush! Shoo! I’ve too much to do.

And yet I know I miss you true
I long for our own rhythmic tattoo
Its there, I know, I hear it faint
Resounding, rebounding, reviving, restrained.


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