The Advantage of Doing Should

We lived our life by rules and shoulds
Assiduously pursuing rights and goods
Donning casts seeding enthrall
Slipping easily into having it all

Romancing the ladder till there was none
Dancing nights away till the days were done
Building moulding the us and ours
Crossing bridges skimming towers

Being the beings that we were not
Learning things we never were taught
Stumbling, bumbling recovering in rapids
Smiling sweetly, come, meet the Placids

Soaring effortlessly through the cumulus
Playing hide and seek in patterns endogenous
Propelling with will the engines that turned
Leaping lightly in flames we burned

The good life they say it takes its toll
But hey, again, let the good times roll
Has highs, some lows, sorrows and gains
Kingly though, these lightly held reins.


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