A Friend Like This


Where will you find a friend like this
One who is always here
The one who makes magic happen
Just ask it, and its there

When the chips are down
Who can hold your hand
Give you a hug and a whack
Tell you its okay to move on

A friend who does not need
The secrets of your soul
Not that she doesn’t care
Just doesn’t need to be told

A forgiving friend, from angst to grin
Standing by in thick and thin
One who knows your crooked tail
One who can look through that snarky veil

Friends with whom to scrap and fight
Friends who get your bark from bite
Friends with whom to laugh and scream
Friends with whom you can share your dream

Friends like so are truly rare
Ones with whom one can really share
Vulnerable moments, hopes and fear
And things that we hopelessly hold dear

And when one is found, hold them close
Nurture them, shield them, (don’t be verbose)
In giving and taking, Friendship charts its course
And in steady state  – a veritable force.

Where will you find a friend like this
Who smiles and feeds every whim
And when that friend steps out and hits
Shut up and take it on the chin

For you know that the true friend will be back
This is but a faux attack
Give a hug, a smile and just be there
Share the load, ‘ere it’s too much to bear.

Be a friend before you want one
Give, and the circle is begun



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