I Missed my Walk Today

I missed my walk today

I missed the couples tramping in step
And missed the salaaming Bauji

Missed the team intent and fit
That jogged in gossipy rhythm

And I wonder what happened to
The lady who stood mid path
Her presence like Hanuman’s tail
Asking, aggressive, challenging wrath

And the couple who enter together
Only to go their separate ways
I am yet to figure where they meet,
Wonder, how they arrange their days

The voices that lower as others walk past
Telling of deals to be done
And the ones that don’t bother
As they gossip of flats that belong to none

And what of those long phone conversations
That mysterious smiles betray
Or the intent wheeling and dealing
The faux-ness of the busi-ness play

But most of all I missed the flowers
Smiling at me – a bit wanton
Blushing red against my fingertips
Ensnaring smiling petalled paths
Fallen ones
Leading me astray

I missed my walk today…


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