The Gathering

The warm gloaming
Seeps into the sky
Green sea bleeding yellow
As if a debt to be repaid

Gathering crows more insistent
As the day turns to dusk
Buzzing insects hovering
They will soon take over this trust

Defeated or not, satiated, they gather
In trees made central by their incessant chatter
The conclave of crows
Surely reprising things that really matter

The rebels, they fly the other way
Seeking overtime, are they?
A last claim from the day
A bit more a bit they pray

Sheltered from the storm
Only the collector can soar so free
Rooted, benignly gathering
Observed the yellow green tree

(For those who do not get the similie.. crows have been compared to debt collectors. And to other species that live off  ‘gatherings’ etc. )


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