The Wait

At first it is with patience
That I wait for you to return
Knowing that there things you need to do
You are fighting fires that burn

An edge creeps into the patience
Turning it tolerant of wait
The minutes tick their beat
It’s not as if we had a date

Did I ask when you’d be here?
Did I seek, did I pry?
Did I put any pressure ever
The least you could do is try

I know you are on your way
Or soon will be, you say
I know there will be traffic
And something urgent will delay

I know you will be working through
The journey and through the door
Catching up with yourself
To do that last bit and some more

Waiting here knowing this ahead
Knowing how busy you are,
Knowing I have things to do
Still waiting heart ajar

Procrastinating even the excuses
For not getting on with stuff
Checking tracking updating watching
Till I tell myself, Enough!

He’ll come when he comes
He knows I am here
He’s called though the day
I surely know there’s care

But the wait begins to grow
A life and beard of its own
Grizzling, growling, slowly calling
Quills, they have been sown

I wasted my time in wait interminable
I could have been and done so much
Impatience, she of patience born
Glowing, her terrible beauty nonesuch

Resistance it is futile,
Impatience bursts the cocoon
Aggravation beyond irritation
Now the arrival spelleth doom

The bell, it pings eventually
The bombshell, it is primed
And then comes in your familiar face
Anger’s invite; love declined.


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