In Worse Order

I am tired of being in rhythm
I’m sick of things that rhyme
For I see no reason

There must be a force
That feels the same as I
Else why would there be free verse
Tempting me to try

Oh, there I go again
Mapping ‘I’ to ‘try’

Good girls do it so
Good girls never stray
Good girls are a model
And hold the world together

Forbid them the fruits
that freedom gave to shame
the others of the species
who think it is all a game

See how the training works
Cannot rebel if I try
The rhyme it creeps insiduous
Should one make it stop?

And if there is no order to the verse
Could it be said to have ever been?
Would it make things better
Or Worse?

If it does not fit in a slot
For what purpose was it begot?
Surely it cannot have a mind of its own!


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