Waiting for an answer
To the unasked question,
I wonder
If you can read the beat,
Or the only code you know
Is the one you were taught.

As I gently go berserk
With unicorns in my head,
You watch in silence
Unheeding of the avalanche
Silently fed.

Surely you know by now
It’s not safe in the lee
Of unmet attention,
That descends rapidly.

If you are still wondering,
What all this is about,
One thing is clear –
You will never find out.

You are brave to stay away.
Braver still to stand and say,
“But what do you want, tell me now!”
If I had to tell you –
You’d be redundant – and how.

You are supposed to figure it out
You are supposed to know..
That it’s only in your arms
That time begins to slow
That the pulse begins to quicken
And breaths become shallow
Things only have meaning
In the depths of your hollow

So don’t just stand there
Waiting for me to say..
Come over, gather me up
As if I’m here to stay

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