Do I make you sad sometimes?
I don’t mean to, you know

Your sadness seeps through the ether
Contaminating the air I breathe
It creeps in through the cracks
(Your absence bequeathed)

I can feel the sadness in the words you key
The messages are slower
As are the songs you sing
When you play those plaintive melodies
Or even the Sultans of Swing

Your eyes carry a shadow
Of the cloud upon your mind
We know the cloud will pass
New winds won’t let it stay
Would it be facile to ask you to
To not mistake the silver for grey?

Does every cloud have a lining
A line that holds it so
To the seam it takes us
And yet, beyond it cannot go
Frayed, torn at the edges
Yet a layer so firm and fine
A reminder of mine

Easing that furrow on your brow
A gentle breeze I’ll blow
Softly, gently, float on me
I promise, I’ll not let go
Till you are ready to fly again
With wings itching to soar

(to be edited)


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