You Always Do

You always do,
Else, would I keep coming back to you?

Could it be for the beat that skipped
Or the sharp soft gasp
Unheard, Standing in for the unsaid

Standing still with that smile on my face
Just because you said it so
A word, a code that both of us know

Goofily giddily it sings unbidden
Rising ridiculously to heights unsoared
Losing all fear of the fall to dust
Gravity, yes, we know.

Its not as if you’ll hold it aloft
Its not as if the strings are taut
Its not as if you hold the strings
Its not that there are any to pull
Its just that I am happy, that’s all

It’s nice to know that you are here
A smile for a smile
A twinkle as a bonus
The palm brushing against
The grin that lasts a while
Can I ask for more?

A niggle no more, it isn’t much to ask..
But this greed to gluttony was an easy slide
I’ve slipped, not fallen, into lust with the idea
That this ‘always’ business has some meaning
And don’t explain to me now rationally…
Ratios and rations now don’t hold sway
Nor does the simple difference between
Continuous and continual
Keep these lessons for another day
Come along,
And play
In continuum,
Like you always do.


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