The Second Song

If it is biology that draws us together
Then it is that is what will make us stray
Away from one another
When that other
Comes to stay

There will be wiles new
Games that you have played
yet chose to forget
Unwrapping layers so
Only to discover
More of much the same

The sameness that is comfort
The routines that seem to pall
As if bearing our whimsy
To where darkness does fall
Renewing in the new
Casting olden thrall

Your nets they are riddled
With the catch of yesteryear
The bait it has the rhythm
Of songs long gone by
Belonging to another
The moves – can they satisfy?

The niggle that will bore through
Every step you take
Chipping away at the grooves
Slotting bit by bit
Capricious novelty
Undoing customised fit.

Regrets there may be some
When the carve begins to cheat
Seeking a new shape
With every change of beat
Pared to the bone
Where will there be a home?


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