I Am

I am not anyone special
I am not there at all
I am nothing .. you see
In the grand bazaar hall
I’m barely even here
Maybe, just a fly on the wall

But I’m the thing you miss
When I’m not there on call
Like your favorite pillow
Or the bounce in your ball

I’m the sunshine on your back
Only missed when I’m gone
I’m the gentle misty rain
That nourishes your lawn

I am your faith in what is good
I am the trust you casually place
I am the hope on which you lean
When life’s paths you trace
Did that sound arrogant?
It is because I know my place.

My place is in everything 
That you share and you do
My place, it is certain 
Because of my love for you

My place is in there 
Warming the inner stone
Picking out the little shards
That hurt you when they are thrown

Looking out for the storm
Watching over the pot
Keeping you just warm 
Holding you when it gets too hot

Hold me to you real close
I am the warmth in your embrace
The light in my eyes
Is the glow on your face

And when you poise
Wings stretched to fly
I am there for you
Your state of grace


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