Prayer for a Friend

When I call you a friend,
I know you are there for me
As I am there for you
A bit like Tigger and Pooh

Simpler than life itself
Is the notion of friendship true
Cast often in ether
Bound by the strongest invisible glue

And so when I sit down to pray
For those dear to me
My friends your names resound
And this is what I say

May you be blessed in every way
And have all that you need
May your desires be met
Even some lust and greed

May your eyes always shine
With happiness and health
May your cheeks always have a blush
Glowing with satisfied wealth

Be loved, always, in myriad ways,
Be held, with love and care,
Be – all that you were meant to be
Be, just Be. (And be there for me 🙂 )

With wishes for warmth and happiness,
And gifts of softness and light
With wishes for calm and patience
And the strength to win each fight
I wish you all that you wish in life
Met at passion’s height

But most of all I pray for you
To be surrounded by friends
Whose joy and laughter are a comfort
Whose friendship never ends.

And the special verse:

I pray that you are loved so much
That you know no other way
That you are loved by all you touch
That you know – you mean so much


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