The Battle

Listening to the silence
Stilling the heartbeat
Hoping against hope
It is not you that I meet

When I open that door
Or turn to that page
Will it be your voice
Echoing in my space?

I can hear your moments
Harried, hurried, hostile
Reaching out in silence
Across unmeasured mile

With barricades up
And hatches battened down
A tight smile on your face
Eyes bearing the frown

The battle is joined
The day has dawned
The bugles sounded
The weapons drawn

Which one shall be deployed
Who will fire the first shot
Will this be fast and furious
Or is attrition the plot

Will this be a long seige
Testing patience putting strain
With spies whispering half truths
Chafing with scarce grain

Will there be bards
Who tell the tale long and wide
Or will this be in silence
Behind thick doors enshrined

The battle will be bloody
There are warts for all to see
The festers have had time to grow
And the covers begun to peel

The shields, they have been shredded
In the battles up to this war
In any case they are useless
For an enemy that is one’s own

Let this begin then
And be done as it will
Let there be the denouement
Let it flow where it does spill

Let there be gross and grace
With some one losing face
Let the winner look upon his spoils
And ponder at all that was spoiled.


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