Woo me again

Woo me again, like before I knew I was the one
Woo me like you did before we were done

Read me those tales retold in your soft monotone
Sing me those songs that you sang for me alone

Fly with me again, whirling till we have no form
Shower me with kisses, like rain after a storm

Kiss me deep, and then… one more time
Clasp me close — until our heartbeats – chime

Speak to me in nothings
Those nothings that begat
Storms from little flings
And the doldrums we are at

Tell me what you mean to say
Say it in every which way
Tell me again, and then once more
No, I promise I won’t think it a bore 🙂

Bring me flowers that I laugh at
And gifts that make no sense to me
Chocolates to make me fat
And things you got for free..

Hold me again like you used to
Searing lines anew
Gentle like the breeze then
Breathing the breaths we grew

Let my eyes well up with tears
When you say the right things just so
And always, always call me back
When I say, I have to go.


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