Your chains were only in your mind
Ghosts you cannot slay
All you had was the notion of the bind
And notions come to stay

Unfettered, you felt my gaze sear and turn.
You know this was yours to hold
Only for the moment. The whiff of the burn
Was yours forever. Smolder.

The shadow lines, they too were self made
And in them you rested thinking them shade
From afar they were cast and lined
Baited, in the vast ocean, be-timed.

The threads were silken, you saw them not
Woven with gossamer tongues
Slipping on skin, their gleaming onslaught
Slicing silently to the core.
You bled fine, as I blew hot and cold
Leaving scars like creases old

And when we part, know this by your creases
That is where I lay
And the hairline cracks that I leave for me
A faultline, for another day


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