Restless Hunt

Not yours, the cosy freedoms of the dove in the tree,
Flapping Gentle messages of seasonal mirth,
You soar as an eagle does wild and free,
Yet, bound to turn to my earth

Your morsels not still nor mute,
Embedded as fertility or food
Bringing grace upon their land
And plenty for their brood.

Yours are the scurrying souls
Yearning in everlasting quest
In search they came and then became
Inexorably, victims of unending unrest
Prey, Quickening your blood –
In sight and as ingest.

Brazen heart it lusts for more
The chase begins afresh
The blood it beats the hunt again
Nothing you can repress
The beat, it takes on a rhythm known –
The wily prey’s address

Know you of eyrie high
Of the one who got away
One who knows your blood your beat
The one who lives another day
It calls out what you cannot deny –
The hunt that held you at bay
Bested by the beast so slight
The eagle was led astray…
When day turned to night,
And rally turned to game
It could not end as bird and prey –
That would be a beastly shame

Lithe prey that slipped, ne’er to be outrun
Twisting, teasing, though hollow and crag
Irresistible, this unbounded strum
Games sans scores, too many to brag
Tailed lead and lag, .. drift and drag –
Unsated flight of no outcome.

Come today, and again and play
With the same unquenchable zest,
Come earthbound, to hunt me again today
Put yourself to the test
Hunger, you feed off other prey
Us, we hunt as jest.


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