“So what?”, they asked.
What else is there?
But to be in the moment
To strive and to care

To build on what you have
To grow the seed you sow
To nurture what is good
To weed and to mow

‘What then?’, came the refrain
From centuries of quest
Knowing that in our gift
Is just effort to be the best

The job at hand
Will reveal at its end
The journey ahead
Beyond the bend

The present is the ask
To do until dust
To plan, to lust
For posterity or bust

As each mountain is conquered
The hunt for the next begins
Beyond reason this hunger
To be the master of all things

Beyond lies the quest
The restlessness of the best
Who do as they see
And peer beyond the rest

Answers there are many
To the myriad doubts and yearns
Our being and doing and epiphany
On unending questions it burns

No end to all the questions
The who, what, when, and why
Then what, so, and how come..
These questions – they make us try.


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