Can you not feel me in everything you do
Can you not hear my voice all around you…

Knowing, what warmth does bring
Seeing in the unseen – our own virtual ring
In which we stay, whether far or near
Close, in ways of those truly dear.

Sync -ing together, they say over time
We will look like each other, our thoughts will chime
No need of that comfort when it is – as today
As it always has been, an unseen relay
The baton we pass, still warm to the touch
Seamlessly sliding – admirably nonesuch.

It looks so easy, when the goal is the same
To be together, in deed and in name
To hold each other through thick and thin
To breathe to each other’s littlest whim
When times, they get tough, as they are wont to do
We stand by each other without much ado

Who waits for the call, need there is none
Because we know, we are indeed- as One
But times, when they jar, they’d shake us up
Till we remembered that first shared cup
Deeper than blood, the pact that was sown
A meeting of minds, crossing the chasm unknown.


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