If the silences draw the net closer
What hope do we have
with conversations that have no end
Even without words
there are strings
silken in their embrace
that wrap but never bind
The softness of the surface
will not let me cast
the tangle away

Deceptive threads
Pretending to unwind
Tying themselves in knots
Of the forever kind
Biting into the deeps
As if for keeps.


The distances that are squared
in their tumbled up way
Lines that mean nothing
in the web that they lay.
A swing, they were
when we were young
and knew how to play;
Then a net
that kept us safe
And the nasty world at bay.

We learnt to traverse
the mazed mesh –
And that got us a say
in the affairs of the grid.
Did they not know
That for lovers true
Their own incestuous view
Is all that they can purvey?

They thought we cared
Even if we did
How would we know
that beyond our fold
they wait for us
To bring our enchantments
To their mode
Little do they know
the magic is never in the abode
It is but a lure
that keeps us in Thrall’s way.
In that credulous cloud
We stay.

A web, a cloud, a maze, a mirage
A haze, a daze, a stream, a barrage
A flow, a glow, a resonating visage
Love, simply, beyond camouflage.


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