Alien Skies

Ambitious skies cast before the gloaming
As if by a spell sent off homing
Magical cloud castles layered, aglow
Reflecting the burgeoning city below

Here was glory, streaming bright
Soft grey cumuloids with their shades of pride
Cold in their distance, imperious and tall
As if the golden rays had not touched them at all

This was not my city, it beckoned not
The montage alien, a stranger’s thought
The transient traveller’s breakneck blur
Perched on an unknown spur

Unmoving, the delights reduced to a picture
Unmoved, the guest removed as if by stricture
Timid transactions of denizens demean
Chances the roving soul could glean

Slipping into the aphonic unseen
The tug that never could have been
Remorse, remorselessly cast asunder
Nary a chance even to blunder

Under alien skies possibilities reign
Barred but to the adventive tramontane
Along winding roads twist the fires
Lie still, O discombobulated heart’s desires.


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