It is Love

It is love when your pain must pass through me
When your voice is heard in my notes, it is love
It is love when your laughter dances in my eyes
When the light in yours travels through mine, it is love

It is love when I reach out for your thought before mine
Knowing that often, ours will chime
And when it does not, nothing will change
Because love has spaces all along the range

It is love when care crosses all ambivalence
Becomes shield and shelter against pretense
When the silences speak each others cadence
Unspeaking we converse, it is love, sans sense

It is love when the words do not end
And love it is that sees the words beyond the bend
My words that trip from your tongue to another
It can only be love when that does not bother

The gifts we give each other are awkward and bold
But it is the love in them that we hold
Yes, even the same gift rejected and repeated each year
In love, even that story becomes dear.

(Yes, he does. Every year. The same present :D)


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