Moving On

I can’t stop the tears
They slide
of their own accord
To a rhythm they know
has nothing to do
with today’s record.

For all the today’s turned to yesterday
For they that will never come
For the tomorrows slipping by silently
The tears, they take their turn

The water that is shed
Is for the day that is marked alone
As the pinnacle of perfection
The day one turns to stone

The answers they are bundled
In the life so rich and tried
Every moment lived deep and true
Scars, on them we ride

And now upon the threshold
Of moving on in grace
It is time to give in
To slow down life’s pace

To move with a step grand
As if every inch has meaning
To let others know
This dame, she is for leaning

She has some answers and some more
Questions she can share
Above all in this milling
She will show you she can care

A little voice that screams within
Says, what of misspent youth
Where will you discard me
Am I not part of your truth?

Your youth was spent in learning
Of the true and narrow path
The one that led you spurning
What lay beyond the strath

Abandoning youth’s follies
Unspent, untested gullies
She sends her tears to fill those lanes
Filling them with yearning’s refrains

There may be a chance, as she set her world to grey
To recast this moment and not be led astray
To move on in gravitas and yet retain her play
No. Crystallising, that was the only way.

She rose, as calm as the dawn
The earth, the sky, she had taken on
She was one with the future and the past
Centred, her being, the die was cast.

From rock she had come, and rock became
Holding true when storms they came
A shelter she was in times of need
Watching time, mocking its speed

(As the years go by, as they do every morn
She sits by that watershed watching new dawn
Remembering the years gone by with no regret
Life, and its dancing silhouette.)


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