I will come to you

Part I

I will come to you
Like a bird on wing
Swooping swiftly down
And then off again

A moment of startle
That makes your heart race
Sudden beauty broken by
The remission of grace

The sun will shine in your eyes
As they strain to scan the skies
Looking for one that dared
To enter your domain
Changing it forever yet not leaving a stain

Part II

On our diurnal way
Our paths will cross
Gathering as we must
The daily dross

The worm as it wriggles,
The thatch that we must toss
Sparks masked by the mundane
Herding what a swoop can never gain

The swift lock sensory
Spanning, spawning its century
The accrual of renounced embers
Heartbeats the moment remembers

I will come to you
Like a song on a string
Singing the rainbow
On the refractions we bring…


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