Moment, Gone

A quick clasp
And it was gone
A brief lull
Sudden warmth
A flash of sunshine
And then the pall

As if it will come
The comfort of knowing
That there is one
But if it is gone
Then is it done?

Bewildered the solitary smile
Brittle, holding its while
Comes coldly crackling at the edges
Smiting down the inevitable smudges
No room in this state of grace
That is all there is, know your place

Know that it is all measured out
All that remains is doubt
Even as you know there is no more
The mind it yearns, the heart is sore
Stringing it out for what its worth
Stretching, straining, seeking girth

Tasting blood, it craves again
Creeping, seeking beyond ordain
In gulps and drips and great big gasps
Seeking as if to relapse
Into what it has known before
To know it again for ever more


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