Swift Harpoon

Where does it come from
Slipping quietly to make itself at home
In a perfectly happy day
Spreading its dull grey
Displacing all that was meant to stay

Steady along the path lined flowers
Busy minutes turning to useful hours
Glued together with purpose and plan
Sudden winds tear it apart
Just like that, purpose and plan depart

Bereft, bewildered, she stands, as if torn
What happened, where is it gone
How did so much get destroyed so soon
All it took was a momentary harpoon
Lashed within, she holds her swoon

For she is strength, she cannot fail
She sets the tone, she lays the trail
For those who look up to her
For those who follow in her wake
Must see the stars in the midst of heartbreak

The rough with the smooth,
The stones with the muck,
Moments of joy swiftly turned to dust
The clouds that threaten, the rain that falls
In there somewhere, her silver lining enthralls.

To hunt for the good, to turn it with reason
To find the good spots in every season
To build with stone, to sow the seed
That can be the only possible creed
Rising above, she gainfully moves on.

(Were there shards left in the dirt,
Signs that someone here was hurt?
Discarded bits of bandages used,
Patched up bits of self recused,
Shadows of shrugs nonchalantly cast,
A brief nod to lessons past.)


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