Lines in the Sand

Drawing a line in the sand
Firm and deep in my best hand
That keeps it all at bay
Till the rising tide washes it away

The tide that cannot be denied
Lines, it will not abide
When it is time, it is bound to bring
Debris from another spring

It leaves it behind on unlined sands
Broken bits made of myriad lands
Pebbles rubbed smooth chafed to shape
Shells of lives smashed into our cape

Strands of seaweed scattered onshore
As if bearers of ancient lore
Dragged across my line so sure
Stories longer than lines they bore

Tales of valour and unrelenting lust
Stories of daring and distrust
Crossing barriers, tearing through mist
Oh, who in their right minds could resist!

The surge that comes upon us all
It holds us deep in thrall
It comes from within, it will not stall
Until, consumed, helpless we fall

And when it is gone
We know, it comes back anon
Heedless of our lines on the sand
Or castles onshore
The tide will rise to consume us once more


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