When I gasp at every word I read
And collapse breathless in a heap
The sound I hear, the word I see
Means nothing any more to me
All I see and all that comes through
Is that it is coming from you

And yet I hold myself still as stone
As if my heart is as dry as a bone
Not a flicker through my eyes will slip
Not a quiver from my lower lip
Tingling as they reach out unseen
Towards what could have been

And then your eyes, they turn to me
Across the gathering and its flummery
A twinkle held firm in eyes so straight
Held out to me as irresistible bait
I rise – a bubble bursting through
Then, straight lace performing a quick review

Subsiding, I turn to look aside
The song that’s begun must now hide
But as they say of love and musk
The perfume rises through covers brusque
Seeping through pores it will show
Blest, I find camouflage in the glow


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