There For

I stood by you through thick and thin
Was there when you were full to the brim
Does that give me the right to ask
For support in any daunting task?

Do I have a claim on you
To lean when I’m feeling blue
This is no trade, we struck no deal
My pain is not yours to steal

When I need a helping hand
To steady the boat as I hop on to land
Will you be there to hold the sway
Or would you already have turned away?

For all the times I was there and more
Ignoring my own needs galore
I would be a fool to expect
An equal and opposite effect

You fell as I held you high
Standards with which you could not comply
Your crumbling feet of clay
Could not hold you another day

For fair is fair, and to give is good
These patterns we have understood
Still comfort to sore heart is denied
Does it feed some selfish pride?

It’s not that your being there does really matter
But, like a bonus, everything feels better
It is fine if you are not here for me
But I am me, as I will always be.


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