With You

Take me with you the next time you go
To lands across the sea
We will travel in practiced ease
Interlocking our memories

Things that are old and come anew
To the persons we pretend to be
Fresh insights, some sour delights
We’ll gather in our indiscriminate spree

We will plan and surrender to the muse
Of the places we seek to know
Climbing the spots, spotting the peruse
Or lazily going with the flow

Or maybe we will have people to meet
Friends that have been about
Some who we look up and freshly greet
Knowing they can help us out

Together we will flounder in cultures new
Knowing how to catch each other on cue
Discovering something at each turn
Of our place in humankind’s churn

It could be a place we have been before
Our wheels have turned this turf galore
Days in the park reading to each other – anon
Or nights, talking till the stars fade in the dawn

I send you tonight with a heavy heart, you know
Trotting the globe with just things in tow
It’s just that I want to be there with you
Together, toppling into worlds askew

Who will you turn to when spluttering with rage
With whom will you share the moments on stage
How will you calm your myriad thoughts
Where will you find the path to your oughts?

Go then, travel, and come back soon
Bring back tales from the big balloon
Come with sights and stories from the far shore
Come back, and tell me you missed me like never before.

And remember, next time, I am coming with you
There is only so much missing I can do
Together we travel – in life and in our quests
Breasting smiling seas, taming unbidden tempests


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