If I think of you

If I think of you, will you come?
If I hold the thought, will you call?
Will you heed the thread
That binds us loose, so close
That tugs your heart strings
As mine  s l o w l y  sinks…

Will you pause in your day
When the call comes your way?
My troubles gently swirled
In your oh-so  perfect world
A mere tremble in the sheen
Borne by wires unseen
Will you, as you always do
Know the pinch of the other shoe
The one that is old and worn
And yet remains our very own
Will you step out and say…
Will you my vague fears allay?

And as the moment passes on
I get a grip, the shadows gone
I know I don’t need to hear your voice so dear
But it would be nice – shifting greys to clear
The sound will seep through pores and loam
Dissolving, as it melds my home


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