Part I

She stayed her hand again
As it reached for the phone
There was a time to fancifully feign
Or then a time to simply give (re)in.

She held the lifeless cuboid
As it buzzed and lit up the space
She knew she must now avoid
Judging her heart and mind in race

Her heart would win, she knew
Even though the mind was true
Silencing the insistent intrusion
She stood, firm in her own resolution

Her hand, it strayed as she knew it would
Indulgent patterns beyond should
She watched the words come alive as art
And now, dear reader, you do your part.

Part II

As you read these words, do figure this out
What  was this riddle all about?
Was it love, or greed or need
Or was it about garnering heed

Was it – is it, about yearnings shared
Or of our learning to live life pared
Do we already know when the bund will break
Of our thirst that we will inevitably slake

(And if we don’t, what of that
Is it a life led as under attack
From the army of duties burdensome –
Maybe, the satisfaction of a job well done)


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