With a little twinkle, and a twisted smile
You speak, and then make the leap agile
Sweet this barb, takes its time to sink
Then love, it gushes like just-spilled ink

What do I do with you, just then
How do I hold you close
And shower your face with kisses
Yes, you are the one I chose

You say these things and walk away
And I’m spinning with them all day
They make me dance, they make me whirl
They set my world all a’twirl

I forget for then the tough times old
The nasty moments, the fights so bold
I forget the snide comments you made
That took ages to slowly fade

A word, a shrug, a gesture old
And all I want is to look at you and hold
Hold you close, and hold you tight
And squeeze you with all my might

Wait for your arm to close around me
In affirmation of our solidarity
Bubbles of joy rise through me
Spilling over in mirthful glee

What do I do with you, I think
Mere love is not enough
To know the rush, to feel the gush
I am besotted for eternity


One thought on “Besotted

  1. Badalaa na apane aap ko jo the wahi rahe
    Milate rahe sabhii se magar ajanabii rahe
    Apanii tarah sabhii ko kisii kii talaash thii
    Ham jisake bhii qariib rahe duur hii rahe

    ~ Nida Fazli

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