Six Questions

Why do you make me happy
In ways that few ever can
Why is it that your being
Changes the colour of my land?

How is it that the world is brighter
When your smile shines on it?
The light upon my day slants kinder
When you drop by even for a bit

When did you become the beacon light
Of my happiness bubbling bright
Surging in the warmth of your glow
Disappearing in the dark leeward undertow

What is it that you do each time
That brings a smile to my face?
Glumpy moods full worldly grime
Evaporate without a trace

Where do you find this magic
That brings me my state of grace
All my bubble and boil and trouble and toil
Secede and subtly efface

Who are you, then, you person
Who knows the buttons to press
Who holds my whole in silken threads
Who cares for my every excess

Beyond the Why and where and who
And the when and what and how
Lies this love total and true
Loving, more than any heart can allow


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