As the year slows down its pace
And we’re almost at the end of the race
The drummer rolls and slows down the beat
I know it is time for us to retreat

To indulge in reflections rare
To know there is time to stand and stare
To merge with the ocean overwhelmed
And let the tears flow unstemmed

Revisiting the joys and sorrows
Gone by with the year in a few tomorrows
Each leaving its mark subtle and deep
Its lessons – one wonders – to discard or to keep

The year that had its ups and downs
Rolling with the guffaws, racing with some frowns
The year that sedate adventure sought
When mountain and peaks were wrought from nought

Where something came from nothing, and nothing came to be
As was anticipated by those who could forsee
Marching relentlessly to the drum rolled to a cresendo
Sailing seamlessly on the sound to the land beyond limbo

So with the rising of the new year’s dawn
New dreams we will weave and spawn
The herald of the unknown will shape and rise
Threads that shape mad desire’s device

With those threads we will take to the loom
Crafting futures that are sure to bloom
Bidding the ride to be fair and smooth
Biding, en-armoured for battles forsooth.


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