When things begin to look like each other
Know that you have turned into another
The quest has gone, replaced by trust
In patterns past- prologue in place of must

Soon will follow other ways certain
All woulds replaced by should
As coulds hide and peek from behind the curtain
Or walk in shadows pulling down their hood

The lines, they lose their blurry edges
As shapes begin to form
Beyond and above the possible pledges
Arises affirming – this is who I am

With comfortable cushions we guard our kin
Of us and ours from theirs
We stretch a bit and call it skin
Building Castles of graces and airs

We set our goals at the end of the road
Walk the straight path with ordinary load
We huff and puff along the main
Sans wonder about the shades of gain

We have it all, the cry in unison
Diversified divisions, disruption is treason
Your fanciful flights will find you fraught
Flying solo, you will come to naught

Come, join in our portfolio of pain
Together we will share and remain
Survivors of the menagerie rabblous
Lay down your steel, become one of us.

The heart is sore from its battles alone
The shoulders bruised from all they have borne
The soul seeks to meld into the whole
Betwixt I and us, one must pay this toll.


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