I, We

What are you but a path to myself..
We stand here, facing each other.
Mirrors unto ourselves.

I look at you and see but I
Humming my very own beat
Hither and thither and nigh

Do I sing my own song or yours?
As the notes merge,
does the song become ours?

And if there is to be one song,
is it yours that leads or mine?
Or will the new be unrecognizable in its prime?

We walk, our steps in tandem,
changing one to another pace.
We match each other in this, a three legged race

And when we hold hands,
as we do even when we don’t..
do I hold you or you me?

Are these words from me to you,
or are they mine alone?
I would not see them wander forlorn.

Our words we exchange as kisses
Flitting light from dawn through day
Imprinted, here to stay

And so we stand, shoulders aligned,
For what is mine is yours returned,
For once it is the same.


One thought on “I, We

  1. अगर हम कहें और वो मुस्कुरा दें
    हम उनके लिए ज़िंदगानी लुटा दें

    हर एक मोड़ पर हम ग़मों को सज़ा दें
    चलो ज़िंदगी को मोहब्बत बना दें

    अगर ख़ुद को भूले तो, कुछ भी न भूले
    कि चाहत में उनकी, ख़ुदा को भुला दें

    कभी ग़म की आँधी, जिन्हें छू न पाए
    वफ़ाओं के हम, वो नशेमन बना दें

    सज़ा दें, सिला दें, बना दें, मिटा दे
    मगर वो कोई फ़ैसला तो सुना दें

    ~ Sung by Jagjit Singh
    Lyrics by Faiz

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