Will You Ever..

Will you ever be the first to speak
Breaking the long silences
Or will it always be mine
To reach out through the nuances

Will you ever begin to say
The things I yearn to hear
Before the heart has begun to wait
And travel to inevitable despair

Touch me with your words, your voice
That I wear against bare skin
Whispering past like a gentle breeze
Sending senses reeling a-brim

Or maybe not speak of such
Just dwell in the mundane
But say something across the miles
Lest unsaid become refrain


2 thoughts on “Will You Ever..

  1. jiss ne dekha mar he gaya, teri chashm-e-siyah mein hai jadu
    ghair ka dhoka mujh ko na dena , tujh mein mai aur mujh mein tu

    aflaak se laayi jati hai, seenon mein chupai jati hai
    tauheed ki mai sagar se nahi, aankhon se pilayi jati hai

    Ahay, Mun Kunto Maula!

    Mun Kunto Maula, Fahaza Ali Maula

    *Man kunto Maula Live*

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