They speak of love,
All of them who do
What do they know
Of the searing pain
that cleaves again
While cooling fires anew

What do they know of the steaming shore
Where waves turn clouds as must
Where the sandy sides lay bare again
As the waters retreat in distrust

What can they say of love so pure
That it shines before the dawn
of life itself and carries on
Past prologue and then anon

Could they even know whence
It came and went alone
To be complete and yet so sore
To be pared beyond the bone

And could they even spot the mist
That the gentle dewdrop kissed?
A touch so tender to not be there
A rite that never was missed

Did they see the sun’s ray glow
Embrace the soothing plain
As if it rose to be with one
That brought it to life again

Speak of love in words that curl
Like my heart around your name
The smoke that clears still leaves the sign
Saying I’ll never be myself again

Don’t speak of love till you’ve been touched
By the curse that blesses in vain
Don’t speak, I live not there
I am love, a living refrain


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