I met a Star

I spent the night watching the stars, running away from the dawn. I spent the night seeking patterns that never could exist except in minds made up. I spent the wind that blew me thus, tempted by the twinkling light that kept me company. Urging me onwards to believe that it’s false shiny story would endure more than the stars that looked down patronisingly upon it. But it was going places, and they were not. The stars knew, they had me and they did not.

But as I looked up at them, icy blue in their glare, one twinkled at me. See, I can too, you know. Just for you. You just have to stay around a bit and I will be all you will ever need. You won’t, you of the cold places. I may live in cold places, but my heart is made of fires so deep that they will burn you. And I looked and it was so.

What use are your fires that burn alone? You are friendless and would make me so. She smiled, as only one so perfect could. See these around me? Now look again, and stay a bit. I did, and she was right. There were hundreds and thousands with her, she was not alone.

You don’t need me then, I turned around. No, I don’t. I have more than I need of my own. And I don’t need you to think that for me, thank you. I saw her petulance and pretended not to care. She had twinkled for me, and we were not strangers anymore.

You have your place in the world. You have your constellations and I have none. I wander free with dust on my boots and you are stuck in the firmament.

Do not believe all you see, she said. I could swear she shone less for a moment. These are mine, and I am named so, but these are not of me. They have theirs to revolve around them.

So that is what you seek, for me to revolve around you. To bind myself to your pull. Yes, she whispered. Stay, and watch. Be dazzled and warmed. Adore me and worship me every morn. Be mine and none others. We will have a bond, forever. I will give you all you need to come alive. I will be your strength, your fire.

You will burn me, and tie me to your will. You will have your way and my feet will get restless. I would not be trapped in your ways, I said, as I zoomed away, still mesmerised by her.

I give you want you want- I shall turn away everyday, and you can wander in the dark again. Know that you will be mine again each dawn.

You will bring the dawn, and I run the other way.

Yes, she smiled. This is how we found each other. Before you had known your dawn. Why run from what you will know will come and bring you fruit?

You walk your own path, and have your own place in the universe.

You want me, I said. She stood silent. An impatient shimmer passed through her, and I rose in anger. You want me to be yours and yours alone, to abandon my trysts. And yet you will have others like me.

I glowed in my anger, and it had come from her, I knew I was branded but would have it my way.

Have it your way, choose your path. But stay. Stay around. You will be mine, and I will be called yours.

I stayed, and she now lights up my life.

Yes, I met a star one day, and now I would not have it any other way.


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