Again the pit is dug hollow
And the echoes silent follow
Dinning their own doldrums
As the muzak merrily strums

I cover the gap with twigs and grass
Unseen to those who merely pass
Steady on their straight and narrow
Intent on their centered sorrow

But beware those who curiously meander
There be beasts here to tear you asunder
And unknown depths for careless trips
And easy fear that ceaselessly grips

Tremble a tad you uneasy traveller
And you, you lazy straggler
Take your chances through this wood
Lest you remain behind for good

And you, of stride even and strong
I see you – set apart from the throng
Hear the summons from the shade
Break away – come, cross through the glade

Come into the hidden dell beyond the pale
Join the quest – it might just be your holy grail
If we fall, the journey through abyss forever
In rising – the winged vortex of endeavour


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