Aisa nahin ki hum mein tum mein voh karaar nahin
Par pehle jaisa dil ab bekaraar nahin
DO kadam ka faasla hai par taye na kar paaye
Do kadam pe hain khade do kadam vaheen

It is not as if you and I don’t share that ease anymore
But now our hearts don’t crave each others’ anymore
The gap is just two steps, but we could not cover this gap
Two feet away we stand, our two feet right there

Behlaate the dil jitna, ab behelta nahin
Yeh dil bhi hai fitna, sambhalta nahin
Aisa nahin ki teri kami kaate na hai jaaye
Par yeh bhi kabool yeh teri zameen nahin

You used to amuse me, now the heart is not diverted so
But this heart it is so fickle, I cannot hold it steady…
It is not as if your lack does not continue to bite
But (i/we) also accept that this is not your terrain

Nikal pade hain raaste, manzilein kahin nahin
Chal padein hain musafir, raahein nayeen nayeen
Falsafe bane afsaanon ke dhundhlaate saaye
Phir bhi in pankhuriyon mein jumbish shaayad kahin

We have found a way out, but there is no destination
The travellers have started, these paths are new to them
The fading tales have turned to become philosophies now
Even so, maybe these petals have some sign of life left in them


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