Haaniya (with translation)

Aa chal pbhehna gallan kariye
Sukh di, dukh di, vichhode di
Aa chal pher gid gid roiyee
Bphanve bhij jaaye aanchal vi

Come my sister let us tell our tales
Happy and sad, and of separation’s sorrow
Come let us cry copiously
Even if our scarf gets drenched with tears

Khid khid hasde see asi
Bagaan khetaan vich bhajde
Fasal si apni, apni chhavaan
Suphne vi sadde karibi si

We used to bubble over with laughter
In gardens, in fields we ran free
The crop was ours, as was the shade
Even dreams were close to us

Sab kuchh haega hun vi haaniya
Us di kirpa batheri hai
Phir kyon rehndi jholi khaali
Shaayad kami aj teri hai

We have everything even now, my friend
Times have been kind and plentiful
But then why does the plate remain empty
Maybe – this want – it is you

Phanve bhar lo dera daale
Phanve rodo jad dil khul jaave
Dil de anne khu de andar
Sanehe di laat sunehri hai

Whether you corner the market and fill your coffers
Or spend in a flood when your heart permits
In the deepest darkest well of your heart
The light of affection(love) is all that is golden

Haaniya – an expression of affection for a peer, a friend, a lover.

Somebody matched – either in age or in affection.


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