Chunaav Ka Mausam (w/Translation)

Phir mausam badla, hawa ne rukh mod liya
Vaadon ki baarish ki chhanchhanahat hai
Kuch laga kya kahin sikkon ki khankhanahat hai?
Gehmagehmiyon mein dekho sansanahat hai.

Again, the weather changed, the winds changed direction
A pitter-patter of promises raining down
Do you hear the clinking of coins somewhere?
In the hustle lies (an anticipation of) sensationalism

Kisse uchhale jaayeinge
Juloos nikaale jaeyeinge
Milne milaane ke silsile
Phir se chalaaye jaayenge

Old stories will be thrown up
Processions will be (taken out)
The tradition of meetings and meets
Will be started up again

Sevak ban-ne chale ya raja,
Sawaari chali re! bajaao baaja!
Dal bal pe Dhindhora peeto!
Uth baith sarvatra paseejo…

To become a servant or a king
The ride has begun – blow your trumpet
On the strength of the party- let the drums roll!
Up and down and everywhere, persuade….

Chadha chunaav ka bukhaar
Ho chale parcham taiyaar
Hooye senani bhi agrasar
Dekho  dekho netaji ka asar

The fever of the election has risen
And the flags are ready to fly
Soldiers are raring to go (forward)
See, see the influence of the leader

Paach saal ke baad nazar aaye
In galiyon koochon mein inke saaye
Duniya mein khoob dhoom machaaye
Ab zaroorat unhein yahan phir le aaye

Seen after a hiatus of five years
Are their shadows in these lanes and crannies
They have come after conquering the world
And now, need brings them back here

Khair khabar poochhte hain humse
Khairaghar jo hamaare the hue
Bechaare- jo ban paaya voh to kiya
Gar na hua to kaahe jalaaye jiya?

They ask after our welfare
Those who were in charge of our well being
Ah well, they did what they could
If they couldn’t, why would we burn

Phir peeche se ek phusphusahat
Ek kaan se doosre ki aur badhi
Badhte bani ek aisi garjan
Kehne lage usko aandolan

Then, from somewhere in the background, a whisper
Came forward, traveling from one ear to another
Growing it became as thunder
It was now called a revolution

Sach ke sarovar mein jhoot raha tair
Ya jhoot ki daldal ko sach se hai bair
Kranti, aandolan, josh ya sarkaar,
Kahaani kya vahi dohraayenge barambaar?

In the pond of truth, is falsehood swimming
Or does the mire of falsehood the enemy of truth?
Revolt, Revolution, Zeal or Government
Will they just repeat the old tales?

Majhdhaar mein hum, chadhein kaun naiyaa?
Kaun hoga sahi kismat ka khivaiyya?
Hamaara nanha sa parcha aur itni saari charcha?
(Saath mein Hai kya kuch chai paani kharcha? )

Midstream we are, which boat should we ride?
Who is the right boatman for our destiny?
Such a little ballot paper and so much chatter
(Is there any tea-snacks expense allowance here?)

Baksho hamein ye chichhore naatak
Bahut ho chala kissa yeh jaatak
Ya saanchi samridhhi la dikhao
Ya khud ko na itna ooncha jataao

Spare us these immature dramas
There have been too many of these jungle tales
Either bring truthful prosperity and show us
Or don’t show yourselves as that great

Ab ki baar, kuchh kar dikhaao
Ab ki baar khushiyaan badhao
Sapne hai bune – sach kar ke lao
Varna phir yahaan na phir munh dikhao

This time, do something and show
The time, make us all happy
We have all spun our dreams – make them come true
Else, don’t show us your face here again.

Disclaimers galore. And as before – non partisan


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