There will come a time
When a quest for your roots
Takes you ‘cross a familiar line
You’ll travel past many lands
Travel through sun and brine

Along the way the sights you’ll see
May show you a sense of mine
Or others’ teeming in alien casts
Connections denied in decline

When you spot a glimpse of you
Through hindsight’s steep incline
Watch out for the refraction
That comes in places that shine

Watch out too for the myth that talks
Of roots needing lands to entwine
Of depths they seek in earth scarce known
‘Ware, memory did stories enshrine

Roots you’ll find in ways anew
That history did never reassign
Roots within, and roots without
Roots that your self did design

Your roots you’ll find in hearts afar
Beating rhythms as if in combine
In a mother’s keen, a child’s bright smile
Your own self you’ll see align

As you journey ‘long stranger shores
You’ll find your bits in trine
With them, and us and I and more
You’ll find them change incline

The roots you seek so far and near
You’ll find them deep, benign
Growing up and in and shooting out
Moving beyond mere limine

And when your quest is done, my friend
Your roots you lay them supine
And let them grow in ways they will
Slaking selves beyond confine



(Status: 2, maybe 3 lines to change)


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