With a secret little twist of a smile

I greeted that familiar title

Winking at me from the shelves…

A serious face that used to beguile

Remember?, she asked, her spine in profile


Faint memory from times foregone

We had met before, we knew

Through afternoons warm and long

She had shared her secrets … a few

This time – I smiled, and moved on


Only to come across this nother,

With tales of sorrow and bother

He glared from another shelf

A cold grimace at its distant pelf

And I escaped quickly to another


I saw some pretenders new

Who looked distant friends I knew

Not too well, and long long ago

Not sure, a bit closer I drew

Disappointed, I moved, heart askew


And then it found my seeking eyes

This friend for the moment true

Old in its ways, from familiar skies

Unknown, undiscovered- an exciting brew

I brought it home, and now it lies

Lighting old lamps as if new


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