There’s something about words

Their slow insidious play

Grabbing you in places that

You thought were neatly tucked away


Here comes a word, innocent like

Then another in its wake

Soon there is a flood, you’ll see

Of unbidden emotions to slake


Words they are a bit sneaky

Only some mean what they say

And then they begin mean some more

When in your heart they stay


What of the words unspoken

And the meanings they convey

Their inflections belie layers masked,

That calmly lead you astray


Dancing to another tune

Meandering through meanings’ array

These words come bearing your nemesis

In their everlasting shades of grey


Some words be like a dagger so sharp

Slicing fine without a splay

Some, they are like a hammer’s warp

Leaving nothing but damaged spray


Yet it is these words alone

That will  pull us close to we

Riding on their sinuous waves

Quotidian moments we can  flee


But when their chain they stop and break –

And sometimes they find they must

They take the little broken bits

Of our injured hearts in trust


Here is the secret of their appeal

Only words that can soothe and seal

When silence and solace have done their time

Finally – it is words that come to heal


In threat and in refuge ‘tis true

Through words we begin the renew

To make us whole, to bridge the gap

Words, our mortal trap.





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