Sit With Me




Sit me down in that comfy corner
The one we both know well
Play me your music
Till the heart remembers
What it was to swell


Sit with me in silence
Sharing the moment quiet
In which we dwell
Where our whole selves come
Together to heal, to allow
The odd bits to quell


Sit with me again
On long evenings
Where the lengthening shadows
Tell the stories to flow
Stretching into the shadows
Of misty morrows
Bringing us to another dawn
Eyes red, sore and warm
With the tears we could have shed
Turned to memories soft
Bound with our special yarn


Sit with me again,
In polished places on far shores
Surfaces reflecting our habituated mores
Beyond wonder at the practiced passovers
Unmindful undertones sans display
Milestones in infinite array


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